Welcome to Sir William Romney’s School.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our school.

Proudly comprehensive, we provide an aspirational, vibrant and supportive learning environment into which we welcome children of all academic abilities.  We understand that every child is unique and all our staff are committed to helping each one develop their independence, resilience and self-esteem; offering them every available opportunity to reach their full potential.

As reflected in our exceptional GCSE results, we have high academic expectations of all our students and offer a creative and aspirational curriculum whilst always respecting traditional values by demanding high standards of behaviour, attendance and appearance.

Sir William Romney’s has an excellent reputation as a caring and inclusive school where every child is known as an individual. We firmly believe that every child can achieve more than even they believe is possible, supporting all students to make outstanding academic and personal progress.

I hope that this website gives you a sense of our values and an insight into what the school experience is like for students at Sir William Romney’s.

If you want to find out more then please do not hesitate to contact the school to arrange a visit.

Jon Bell, Headteacher


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Latest News

27Apr 2017

Year seven pupils visited Forest Green Rovers  as the final part of a term-long study of the club’s green ethos and its plans to build a new stadium, Eco Park. The project has been running as part of our Geography curriculum for six weeks, and included lessons on sustainability, numeracy, geography and employment, before finishing with today’s field trip to The New Lawn

Students went on FGR’s Eco Trail Tour to find out about the sustainability measures in place at The New Lawn, got the chance to cook some vegan food, met club goalkeeper Sam Russell and discussed the club’s plans for Eco Park.  Not only have our students enjoyed a fantastic site visit to our local football club, but they have developed important geographical skills and learning has been brought to life.

Thank you Forest Green Rovers and best of luck in the play-offs!!

You can read, and listen, to more details by clicking below:






24Apr 2017

Congratulations to Elsie  who has been presented  with Forest Green Rover’s Ambassador of the Year award.  Elsie has displayed great commitment and support for our local football team by not only attending home fixtures but also a few away games too.  As part of her ambassadorial role, Elsie has also frequently written match reports for match programmes and  promoted Forest Green Rovers across the school.  Well done Elsie and we will all be cheering for FGR during the play offs!!

07Apr 2017
You have only FAILED if you have GIVEN up…..
(until then, it’s learning)

The whole school enjoyed our celebration assembly yesterday and we presented so many awards to students for not only sporting achievements but also in music, arts, debating and poetry.  While applauding so many students for their achievements, it occurred to me that all of these students had something in common……..aspiration and resilience!

Without a combination of both these attributes, success and achievement is never possible.  We only ever see the final crowning achievement; Mo Farah winning another Olympic gold medal, Adele winning another Grammy or GCSE students celebrating their stunning grades in August.  What we never see is their grit, determination and resilience.  Mo Farah, for example, was born in Somalia in 1983 and arrived in the UK at the age of 8 unable to speak a work of English.  He began taking sport seriously at the age of 13 and from then on he lived an extremely disciplined life; training, eating and not having any form of social life.  Even now, he spends months in training camps without his seeing his friends and family.  As members of the public, we never see this level of commitment and focus but this is what it takes to be successful and achieve.

Our students receiving awards in yesterday’s celebration assembly displayed exactly the same qualities as Mo Farah.  The rest of the school saw their moment of success when they received certificates, full colours or were praised for their huge achievements.  However, we did not see each students’ determination through always attending extra-curricular clubs, not always going out with their friends or relentlessly focusing on their progress in a particular subject.  It is not surprising that some students were awarded several prizes, they have clearly learnt that aspiration and resilience lead to ultimate success.

GCSE Exam Revision

Thank you to so many parents who attended my revision workshop for parents this week.  My main message to every Year 11 student is that the time is NOW to show aspiration and resilience.  Like Mo Farah, it’s time to be resilient and focused on revision…….dare I suggest cutting down the amount of social time?  Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not demanding revision throughout Easter but a 80/20 split feels about right.  Again, it will be all those students who put the revision in now and show incredible resilience when things get tough who will ultimately be celebrating on GCSE results day on August 24th.  I have been so impressed with so many students’ organisation and dedication already and I know that students  have started revising weeks ago.  As I mentioned earlier, NOW is the time and remember…..you have only failed if you have given up!

The presentation used during my revision workshop for parents can be found here:

170405 Parent Revision Workshop [JB]

Wishing all of our students, families and friends a wonderful Easter holiday,

Jon Bell