Welcome to Sir William Romney’s School.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our school.

Proudly comprehensive, we provide an aspirational, vibrant and supportive learning environment into which we welcome children of all academic abilities.  We understand that every child is unique and all our staff are committed to helping each one develop their independence, resilience and self-esteem; offering them every available opportunity to reach their full potential.

As reflected in our exceptional GCSE results, we have high academic expectations of all our students and offer a creative and aspirational curriculum whilst always respecting traditional values by demanding high standards of behaviour, attendance and appearance.

Sir William Romney’s has an excellent reputation as a caring and inclusive school where every child is known as an individual. We firmly believe that every child can achieve more than even they believe is possible, supporting all students to make outstanding academic and personal progress.

I hope that this website gives you a sense of our values and an insight into what the school experience is like for students at Sir William Romney’s.

If you want to find out more then please do not hesitate to contact the school to arrange a visit.

Jon Bell, Headteacher


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Latest News

08Dec 2016

Congratulations to Hattie Nixon, Courtney Weeks and Jacob Page who finished first place and Katie Smith for coming in ninth place in an an international coding competition.  This is an amazing achievement considering that over 5,000 students from all over the world entered Grok Learning quest’s coding competition.  We are all incredibly proud of all four students, Mr Duke commented, ‘it has been wonderful to see the students overcome problems and work together as a team.’

Hattie also suggested, ‘it was challenging but worth it,’ whilst Jacob said, ‘it was a great opportunity and a step towards my career!’  Courtney added that it was, ‘a stressful yet rewarding five weeks of my school life,’ and Katie claimed that she, ‘loved every moment’.

All four students have displayed outstanding collaboration, resilience, independence and aspiration!  We look forward to hearing about their future coding and programming achievements in the near future!!


05Dec 2016

Yet another busy week of sporting fixtures and events this week, please click the link below to see this week’s full timetable!  The best of luck to our table tennis finalists playing at Cheltenham on Tuesday and our Y9 netball team competing in the district finals on Wednesday.  Good luck to our boccia team competing at Deer Park on Thursday.  Our House mixed basketball competition takes place on Friday and the results will be announced at the end of term.  Will Andromeda, Orion or Pegasus be leading at the stage of the year??


11Oct 2016


Working harder makes you smarter….

‘You only get out of life what you put in.’ That is the mantra that I was brought up with as child throughout the 1980s. Fast forward thirty years and I feel that I am now instilling the same values to both of my sons. It does feel, however, that it is so much more of a challenge with Play Stations, mobile phones and football to compete against my values and messages.

The trouble is, as the examination system in England changes, students will need to work harder than ever to be successful. Now that coursework has almost entirely been removed from reformed GCSEs, examinations are becoming increasingly important and pressurised. Subject content is increasingly challenging. Retakes will become a memory only. It will feel like it felt for me in the 1990s when final examinations meant everything. The problem is that students today have never had to train their brains to memorise things because, increasingly, their mobile phone is their memory.

With mock examinations taking place for Y11 students this fortnight, the question must be how can students embed their learning into their long term memory. The answer clearly is through genuine graft – relentlessly reviewing what they have learnt so they can recall it at will.  While I still feel as excited about life as I did twenty years ago, to any teenager I look like a middle-aged man going on and on! If, however, instead of telling students to spend more hours working, you explain they have control over their brains and that they can change their attitude to work because they can change their mindset, you might just see them begin to work harder. It is perhaps time for our students to view intelligence as something which can be developed and that they can get better at things with effort…we can grow our brains!!

For example, research into the brains of London cab drivers demonstrates clearly that when they are learning ‘The Knowledge’, certain parts of their brain grow significantly. When London cabbies retire, that same part of the brain which had to recall the streets of London so readily, shrinks.

As the new GCSEs become increasingly challenging, we must convince our students that you only get out of life what you put in – we just need to consider how we phrase this idea. I would like to suggest the statement, ‘working harder makes you smarter’. As new GCSEs become increasingly challenging, we must convince our students that there is no substitute for hard work!

Jon Bell