Social Spaces Project Launch 

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our recently launched Social Spaces Project.  This is an exciting opportunity for our SWR community to come together to develop a number of social spaces for the benefit of all students across the school.

It collaboration with members of our governing body and leaders from the National Composites Centre in Bristol, students and teachers have identified two distinct areas to modernise and improve across the school:

Outside Communal Areas

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn

At Sir William Romney’s School, we currently have some large grounds in school and a little hidden jewel that is the horticultural classroom, which is helping nurture and develop some of our KS4 student’s curriculum. The rationale of getting involved with the Social Spaces project and specifically with the external area has been to spread the benefits of green living to all of our students. In order to achieve this, we have focused on 4 key external areas, which, we hope, will help care for our students’ well-being and our impact on the environment.

Refurbished Cafe

At Sir William Romney’s School, we firmly believe that lunchtime and communal dining in a modern and inviting space is vital to students’ wellbeing.  Students are indeed passionate about their dining space and ensuring that it is healthy and environmentally sustainable.  Furthermore, our new café should also be modern and provide students with a mature café environment that will encourage students to take healthy eating options throughout the school day.  In order to achieve this, we have focused on 4 key aspects which, we hope, will achieve these aims for our students.

More details of both projects can be found on our dedicated web page:

Social Spaces Project

This is an incredibly ambitious project that not only involves creativity but also requires project management, collaboration and resilience.  It is expected that the entire project will last for twelve months.  Therefore, I am delighted and very grateful that a team of committed, energetic and passionate parents are now fully supporting both projects by using their expertise in fundraising or leading the design aspects of both projects.

I have been Headteacher at Sir William Romney’s School for almost two and a half years. I am incredibly proud of the students and staff in our school and we’re going from strength to strength.  Indeed, our GCSE results are exceptional and we enjoy a growing reputation across the local area.  We have high aspirations for the school not only in terms of academic achievement but also in the community and surrounding environment.  I want every child that comes through SWR not only to achieve their maximum potential but I also want them to feel mentally secure, supported, and inspired by their surroundings.  Together we need to extend our focus to the school’s external environment and give our current students and future generations something that they are really proud to be part of.

As I am sure you appreciate, this aspiration is dependent upon our entire community working together to achieve these goals.  Thank you in advance to our students, families staff, governors and the wider community for supporting Social Spaces.

I am so excited about what we can achieve together!

Jon Bell