Home Learning

Year 7-9

We believe that home learning is a valuable opportunity for students to reinforce what they have learnt in class as well as provide an opportunity to delve deeper into subjects whilst working independently with a range of media. All subjects are currently operating on a carousel system throughout the year. Each fortnight students will receive between two and three pieces of extended work from across the curriculum. Maths and English will feature more often and other subject areas are actively encouraged to emphasise the numeracy and literacy elements of their tasks to encourage regular consolidation and practice of these skills.

Amount of time per piece:  Year 7: 1hr 15mins;  Year 8: 1hr 30mins;  Year 9: 1hr 45mins

Every piece of home learning set will provide an element of choice, clear success criteria and an element of challenge for all abilities. Students will be rewarded for their effort in home learning through our house point system that they can then spend in the library. Completion of home learning is supported by staff with a club held on a Tuesday and Thursday, as well as tutors, learning managers, and learning support staff, allowing all our students to access the work and achieve to their full potential.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

ART – Tinga Tinga DT Food 3-5 DT GCSE Exam
DRAMA – Characterisation DT Food 5-7 GEOGRAPHY – Volcanoes

Year 10-11

In Year 10 and 11 all subjects set home learning on a weekly basis. Each piece should take 40 minutes and students are given a timetable at the start of each year.


Click here to download KS3 timetable Click here to download KS4 timetable