Modern Foreign Languages

Key Stage 3 Modern Foreign Languages

Modern languages students in Year 7 currently study four hours of French per fortnight.  Students will then study four hours of Spanish per fortnight in Year 8.

In Year 9 students currently study French and Spanish for three terms each.

In French, students use Métro and the ‘revised national framework for languages approach to becoming a competent linguist’.

In Spanish, students follow the Mira textbook.

Please see detailed information for each year group below.

KS3 Curriculum Diagram MFL

Key Stage 4 – GCSE Modern Foreign Languages

Students currently have the opportunity to study French or Spanish at GCSE, and follow the AQA course.

The GCSE specifications have been designed to encompass a wide range of contexts or topics. Students will complete 4 examinations (worth 25% each):

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Students can be entered at either Higher or Foundation level (your teacher will decide the most appropriate entry through the duration of the course).

Please see detailed information about the GCSE Modern Foreign Language qualifications below.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information MFL

KS4 Curriculum Diagram MFL