29Apr 2020

Even in their sixth week of home learning, our students continue to amaze us with their independence, resilience and aspiration when completing their home learning.

Today we celebrate students’ research about microscopes, Spanish key word labelling, a beautiful pewter design in Technology and a fabulous top trumps game.

We love celebrating students’ work and feel that it is a great way for everyone to feel part of the SWR community. Please keep sending photographs of students’ learning to: studentcelebration@swr.gloucs.sch.uk

24Apr 2020

Our new learning packs were released at the very start of this term on ClassCharts. Our students have displayed great independence, resilience and aspiration in completing so many of the tasks in the first week of this term. Please keep sharing your learning by sending your photos to studentcelebration@swr.gloucs.sch.uk

Today’s celebration of fantastic learning include yet another delicious cake, a Science study on evolution, even more horticulture and a poem that we are sure describes how many students are feeling at the moment.

17Apr 2020

As we come to the end of our ‘holiday fortnight’, we suspect that many students are looking forwards to starting more structured learning next week. Year 10 students will continue to be set two hours of weekly learning per subject. Key Stage 3 students will receive subject specific work appropriate to each year group on a fortnightly basis. It is anticipated that students should spend up to 3 hours per fortnight on each subject. Learning packs and GCSE assignments will be sent to students on ClassCharts from Monday 20th April.

We have continued to receive even more photos of students enjoying amazing learning experiences at home. Today we celebrate an inspiring stained glass window design, well presented Biology research, apple seeds and very impressive cookery skills….perhaps the next Gordon Ramsey??

14Apr 2020

Students have been very busy enjoying new experiences over the Easter weekend. Thank you for sending so many examples in for us to enjoy. Today we would like to celebrate a reflective poem about the strange times we are all facing at the moment and an absolutely delicious Easter cake. Please keep sharing your learning experiences by emailing photos to: studentcelebration@swr.gloucs.sch.uk

13Apr 2020

We hope that all our students, their families and the whole SWR community are safe, well and healthy. During what would have been the Easter holidays, students have not been set any ‘formal’ learning. However, please encourage students to log-on to ClassCharts as there are many enrichment and extra-curricular learning that students can enjoy this week. Year 10 GCSE students will receive study tasks and KS3 students will also receive subject specific learning tasks from Monday 20th April.

Time to share even more amazing learning that our students are enjoying at home. Today we celebrate our students designing prototype strawberry planters, beautifully presented Japanese research, seed planting and maths research on the volume of water. Please keep your photos coming as it really makes us happy during these very strange times: studentcelebration@swr.gloucs.sch.uk

09Apr 2020

It’s been a few days since we last shared more colourful home learning from our students. Today we can enjoy fantastic artwork, a beautiful stained glass window design and what looks like an appetising spag bol! We wish everyone a safe Easter weekend at home with their close family.

06Apr 2020

We begin the first week of what would have been the Easter holidays with even more fantastic examples of students learning at home. Today we share examples of home learning from Geography, History, Food Technology and RE. Please keep sending your photos in as we love seeing what you are all learning!

05Apr 2020

We start a new week with even more inspirational home learning. Today’s photos include creative designs from both textiles and art which were included in our first KS3 learning pack. The baking and musical lessons are optional extras. We love the wear uniform at home idea!