14Nov 2018

We have been very impressed with Year 7 students’ volcano homework in Geography.

Students were asked to research a chosen volcano & then make a model or even a cake! The results were amazing and some of the cakes will be sold during our Children in Need cake sale tomorrow break-time.

Thank you to parents and families for supporting our students who were so proud of their achievements.

13Nov 2018

As part of our “Aspirational Occupations” programme of events, we welcomed Labour MP, David Drew into school on Friday.

Students listened to a presentation where they learned about key qualities needed for a career in politics and top tips on how to be an agent for change in the world.

The floor was opened for questions and our students had the opportunity to ask about some hard hitting questions about issues affecting Young People and our Country.

Following a personalised meet and greet for a small group of students who are committed to a career in politics, Mr Drew then joined Our Year 11 Geographers for a debate lesson around governmental responses to tackling the effects of Climate change to including reducing the use of plastics in schools.

It was wonderful to see our students use their voices. We are really proud!

13Nov 2018

We’re ‘doing our thing’ for BBC Children on Need on Thurs 15th November.  Our Student Leaders and Student Council have organised the following fundraising activities:

  • Non-Uniform Day (£1 per student)
  • Silent Disco (£2 for 20 minutes at lunchtime)
  • Staff V Students netball (£1 to spectate at lunchtime)
  • Don’t forget our cake sale at break-time too!

Student Council have been set the target of raising more than £500 for Children in Need this year and they need your support to achieve it!

We can’t wait for the fundraising to start on Thursday.

31Oct 2018

We are very pleased to announce that our Christmas Carol service will be held at St.Mary’s  Church on Thursday 13th December.  As always, we are delighted that our local partner primary schools will also be performing alongside students from SWR.

It is a very special event in our school calendar and look forward to welcoming everyone in our local community to celebrate the festive season.

31Oct 2018

Y11 students will be taking their GCSE mock examinations between Wednesday 28th November and Friday 14th December.  Please find the revision timetable and specific revision sessions for students to attend through the remainder of this term.

Students are expected to complete their own structured revision programme at home and the student revision guide has already been distributed to students to support them through this process.  Personal Development lessons are also focusing on revision and tutors will also support students in their revision.

We are very confident that all of our students will be incredibly successful and this is another important stage in preparing them for the demands of GCSE exams.  Not only will teachers use these examinations to assess students’ progress but it will also be used to identify the support and intervention that some students may require in subsequent terms.

Please contact your child’s tutor or Mr Dorber if you would like any further information relating to forthcoming mock exams.

Yr 11 Mock Timetable Dec 2018 V2 Final (1)

181001 Y11 Mock Exam Revision Timetable

21Sep 2018

We are looking forward to welcoming Year 5 and Year 6 students with their families to our forthcoming open events.

Open Evening – Thursday 27th September (6:30 – 9:00pm)

We open at 6:00pm and families will be welcomed by governors and members of our Senior Leadership Team who will guide you to the Main Hall.

At 6.30pm our Headteacher, Jon Bell, will talk to all of our guests and introduce you to some of the most important people in the school – our students.  Students from both Year 7 and Year 11 will describe their experiences to date at SWR.

Following this, you will be given a tour of the school by our Year 11 Prefects and Year 7 students, when you will have the opportunity to talk with staff about any individual matters, and to visit the various departments around the school.

Refreshments will be available in the Cafe.

Open Mornings – Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th October (9:15 – 11:00)

On Tuesday and Thursday, from 9.15am to 11am, you are invited to see the school at work, in a normal learning environment. Our Headteacher, SENCO, governors and senior leaders will be available in the Library throughout the morning to answer any questions you may have. Refreshments will be served in the Library.

Parents are not required to book for any of our open events.  We are all very proud of our school and look forward to showing you what makes SWR so special.

07Sep 2018

We are looking forward to welcoming all of our new Y7 students and families to our annual BBQ and Disco.

It is a fantastic opportunity to meet other families and tutors at the very start of the year.

See you there!

06Sep 2018

An exciting year ahead…. 

I am sure that I am not the only person who gets excited about the year ahead when the new term starts in September.  It is always good to see students and colleagues who you have not seen for over a month.  I immediately notice the students who have returned a foot taller than what they were in July and colleagues who have visited much warmer destinations than me! 

It is also a huge pleasure to welcome our new Y7 students, new students joining older year groups and colleagues to the Sir William Romney’s family.  All 101 Year 7 students have made an extremely positive start to their secondary school lives and it is always good to see so many excited and happy students eagerly finding classrooms for the first time.  It is always rewarding to see how quickly all of our new students across all year groups quickly settle and feel part of Sir William Romney’s, this is testament to our welcoming and supportive environment that the whole community are very proud of.   

On behalf of all the students, parents, governors, staff and friends at Sir William Romney, I would also like to warmly welcome new staff who have joined us this week: 


  • Mrs Brand(Teacher of Maths) 
  • Mrs Davey-Hicks(Teacher of Science) 
  • Miss Duran(Teacher of Science) 
  • Mrs Elliott(Teacher of English) 
  • Mrs Gill (Teacher of English)
  • Mrs Talkowski (Second in Maths) 
  • Mrs Sharp (Teacher of Girls’ PE) 
  • Miss Wilson(Teacher of RE) 
  • Mrs Sharp(Teacher of Girls’ PE) 

Teaching Assistants 

  • Mrs Aris 
  • Mrs Hughes 
  • Mrs McCallum 
  • Mrs Platts 
  • Mrs Weyman 

Science Technician 

  • Mrs Drumm 

I am genuinely excited that we have increased our teaching and support team and I’m certain that all of our new colleagues will quickly be making a difference for all our students. 

GCSE Success  

At this exciting time of the year, I must also congratulate last year’s Y11 students for achieving outstanding examination results.  Exam results are exceptional and we are proud of the fact that our Progress 8 score (+0.20) places us amongst the highest performing comprehensive schools for the fifth consecutive year. Students were again very successful in 2018 with 26% of all grades being above a Grade 7 and 80% of all grades being a Grade 4 or higher. Achievement in English and Maths continues to rise with 75% of students achieving a Grade 4 in both subjects and 41% a Grade 5. We are so proud of all students’ examination success as they consistently displayed amazing resilience, commitment and aspiration throughout their GCSE courses.   

At the start of another exciting year, I look forward to seeing all our students enjoying learning, participating in extra-curricular activities and being inspired to reach their full potential across the entire curriculum.  At Sir William Romney’s, we understand that every student is unique and  I know that all our staff are committed to developing individual students’ resilience, confidence and independence throughout the forthcoming year. 

I personally cannot wait, bring it on! 

Jon Bell






31Aug 2018

Firstly we would like to welcome back all students and staff to a new academic year at Sir William Romney and cannot wait to get started.

Arrangements for the start of our new term are as follows:

Tuesday 4th September – Y7 and Y10 Induction Day

Only students in  Year 7 and Year 10 are expected to attend.

Year 7 students will spend period 1 in their new tutor groups before going to lessons for the remainder of the day.

Year 10 students will be participating in GCSE inductions sessions including revision, team work and memory skills sessions.

Students will be welcomed into the school at 8:55 prompt and will de dismissed as normal at 3:20pm.

All students will be expected to wear full winter uniform (shirt and tie).

Wednesday 5th September – All Year Groups (8:55 start)

All year groups are expected to attend in full winter uniform (shirt and tie).

All students will spend period 1 in their tutor groups before commencing their new timetables at the start of period 2.

Students joining the school in Year 8 and above should report to main reception by 8:55.

We look forward to welcoming all students, new and existing. to Sir William Romney next week.