Every two years we carry out surveys of our parent and student body. The feedback from these is used to shape elements of our Improvement Plan and future developments at the school.

The school has now received the results of the Parent and Student surveys carried out earlier this year. We had an excellent response rate from both parents and students and can I take this opportunity to thank you for your responses.

The overall performance score from parents was excellent at 80.1% and parents overwhelming thought the school had improved over the previous year. I was very pleased to read that 96% of parents would recommend the school to another parent.

The responses with regards to academic and non- academic areas (this includes for individual subjects) were very positive with all but one in each category being rated as good or outstanding by parents. It is also notable that a very large proportion of the areas of the survey received significantly higher scores since the previous survey.

The main areas identified for improvement by parents were in communication and choice of subjects. We will endeavour to address these and other areas identified in the survey as priorities for improvement, we have already responded by widening the choice of GCSE options for next year to include Business Studies. The areas of greatest improvement since the last survey were: mathematics; developing potential; levels of homework; explaining to parents how to help their child and ensuring that your children make good progress.

The student survey results were also very positive and largely reflect the outcomes form the parents’ survey. It is reassuring to know that your experience of school is similar to that of your children which suggests that contrary to popular opinion children do discuss their school life with their parents! The overall performance score for the school was not as high as for parents but was still judged as being very good when compared to other schools and was higher than in the previous survey.

Download the surveys:

Please be aware that files can take a while to download.

Both surveys are available on the school website. They are quite lengthy documents and include sections which are designed to support the school in self-evaluation. Parents will find sections 1 to 5, 8 and 10 the most informative and useful.