Congratulations to Hattie Nixon, Courtney Weeks and Jacob Page who finished first place and Katie Smith for coming in ninth place in an an international coding competition.  This is an amazing achievement considering that over 5,000 students from all over the world entered Grok Learning quest’s coding competition.  We are all incredibly proud of all four students, Mr Duke commented, ‘it has been wonderful to see the students overcome problems and work together as a team.’

Hattie also suggested, ‘it was challenging but worth it,’ whilst Jacob said, ‘it was a great opportunity and a step towards my career!’  Courtney added that it was, ‘a stressful yet rewarding five weeks of my school life,’ and Katie claimed that she, ‘loved every moment’.

All four students have displayed outstanding collaboration, resilience, independence and aspiration!  We look forward to hearing about their future coding and programming achievements in the near future!!