The University of Gloucestershire launched a poetry competition – poems needed to be original and of no more than 7 lines. Winning poems would be created on a coaster for the ‘poet’ to keep. So, of course we had to get involved!

Mrs Eveleigh launched this challenge back in February and a few weeks ago, we were informed by the University of Gloucestershire that, out of 268 students who took part in this competition, 2 of our very own students from SWR were to receive winning prizes for their poems. This is a fantastic achievement! Hattie Nixon (Yr 9) won first place for her year group category and Phoebe Forrest (Yr 7) won second place for her year group category. We are very proud of these students and they will be presented with their prizes by the senior lecturer for creative writing at the university after Easter.

Here are their amazing poems:

Sand in my fingers,

Salt in my hair,

Sound of waves,

Seashells everywhere,

The foam at my toes,

as the sun hits sea,

Everything glows

Hattie Nixon  


Forced to escape,

Searching for the dead,

Sent to the jungle,

Scratching their heads

Roofless and childless,

Life’s circle, broken.

Phoebe Forrest