Please find the timetable for our forthcoming Year 10 exams below. Written examinations will begin on Monday 17th June and will conclude on Friday 28th June.

Year 10 exams are used to assess students’ progress at the half-way point of their GCSE courses and are designed to replicate the demands of the actual GCSE exam programme.  Teachers will be sharing a variety of revision strategies with students during lessons, but it is extremely important that students complete significant revision at home ahead of each exam.  This will then enable teachers to accurately assess individual students’ strengths and areas for development that will be addressed during the remainder of all GCSE courses.

We will also insist that all students follow all examination rules enforced by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) throughout the forthcoming examination period. A copy of this document has been emailed to all Year 10 parents. The school enforces these rules to prepare students for final external GCSE examinations in 2020.  Please emphasise to your son or daughter that no mobile phones or smart devices are allowed into the examination room under any circumstances. Invigilators have been authorised to confiscate these devices without any warning and parents will be asked to collect them at the end of that week.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement to students throughout the Year 10 examinations. For further advice please contact our Examination Officer (Mrs Rymer):