We are delighted that students will be making a phased return from Monday 8th March. Students will return as follows:

  • Monday 8th March – Year 11
  • Tuesday 9th March – Year 10
  • Wednesday 10th March – Year 7
  • Thursday 11th March – Year 8
  • Friday 12th March – Year 9

The phased return will allow eligible students to be tested before they return to classes. Please also be advised that students and staff are asked to wear masks in all indoor areas, including classrooms. This will be reviewed at the end of this term.

We are genuinely excited that all students will be able to enjoy a full curriculum in all specialist areas and classrooms. Students will also be able to participate in a full extra-curricular programme within the first week of their return (more details will follow).

Please read Mr. Bell’s letter to parents and carers for more details: