Key Stage 3 Art

Students in Key Stage 3 will explore a wide range of artworks, using various techniques and process in many different medias. An emphasis is placed on giving a range of experiences in order to help students develop both technical skills and their creativity. As a results students will improve their confidence, resilience and expressiveness.

Please see detailed information for each year group below.

KS3 Curriculum Diagram ART

Key Stage 4 Art

The subject is very broad which allows students to explore a wide range of media and themes. The course will allow a certain amount of freedom for students to choose projects based upon their interests and passions. Students will build projects in their lessons by researching artworks, producing studies and taking photographs, experimenting with a range of media, techniques and processes in order to produce ideas. This is all undertaken in sketchbooks. A final outcome will be produced separately and this can range from a ceramic pot, to a drawing, painting or mixed media piece.

Please see detailed information about the GCSE Art, Craft & Design qualification below.

KS4 Curriculum Diagram ART