100% Attendance is the expectation at SWR

Maintaining high levels of attendance at school remains one of our key priorities. Thank you to students, parents and staff for working so hard on this key area of school life.

Students with a figure of 90% or below are now regarded as ‘Persistently Absent’ by the Government and you will be contacted by the school if your child is in or nearing this category.

If a holiday is taken without permission, it will be logged as unauthorised and this will be dealt with according to Local Authority guidelines: If a student has ten unauthorised sessions (equivalent to five full days) a fixed penalty notice may be issued by the Education Entitlement and Inclusion Team. No warning letter will be sent.

Please encourage your son/daughter to maintain high attendance levels. Every day lost impacts upon their education and progress academically. By aspiring for 100% attendance your child will be able to take advantage of all of the opportunities open to them, and are more likely to obtain higher grades at GCSE.

It is important that your child is in school on time each morning. Please ensure they arrive in school by 8.55am.

Setting good attendance patterns and punctuality are very important in supporting your child’s education and are skills they will need when they enter the world of work.

Thank you for your continued support.