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1 04, 2020

Independence & Creativity

We are extremely proud to share even more amazing home learning that is showing students’ independence and creativity. Many students are letting us know that they are reading for over 30 minutes day, while others are working in the garden, designing amazing artwork or taking part in oral history. Please keep your stories coming in as they are making all the staff at school smile!


30 03, 2020

A New Week of Learning

Thank you for sending in even more photos and examples of fantastic learning happening at home. As you enter the second week of learning from home, we hope that some of these images inspire you to experiment and try different activities through this week. Please send any photos or images that you would like celebrated to: studentcelebration@swr.gloucs.sch.uk

27 03, 2020

Weekend Inspiration

Even more fantastic home learning from our students. We are genuinely impressed by how many students want to share their work with our SWR community. We will publish even more over the weekend…..keep learning, you are all amazing!

27 03, 2020

Today’s Home Learning

Thank you for sending in more photos of you enjoying different learning experiences at home. Staff in school and at home are inspired by your creativity and independence. Some students are reporting that they have almost completed their learning packs and others are even helping teachers with technology! Please keep sending photos of your work to: studentcelebration@swr.gloucs.sch.uk

26 03, 2020

SWR – More Home Learning

We are delighted to share more home learning sent to us today. We are sure that glorious rainbow art, research in both History and Geography and a stunning Spanish homework will inspire our students to keep learning!

26 03, 2020

SWR – Learning at Home!

We’re missing you all immensely and can’t wait to have you all back in our classrooms. Just because you’re not here, it doesn’t mean you can’t share all the work you’ve been doing and the fun times you’re having at home with your families.

We’ve set up an email address specifically for you to send us any examples of work you’ve completed from your learning packs, pictures or positive messages you’d like to share. It is our hope that over the coming weeks we will be able to share these online through our website and social media accounts and ensure that our SWR community stays in touch. The email address is:  studentcelebration@swr.gloucs.sch.uk

Our first students to share their learning are below. The stained glass window is beautiful, we’re proud that the pillow was finally completed and the experimentation with paints and gels looks amazing.

We can’t wait to share more, please keep learning and taking part in other experiences with your families!

17 03, 2020

Partial Closure – Year 9 Only (Wed 18th March)

During these uncertain times it is crucial that we provide a safe environment for both students and staff. Due to yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister, we are experiencing significant staff shortages.

Year 9 students should not attend school from Wednesday 18th March. All students and parents have been informed that this will be for the foreseeable future. A learning pack hes been provided to all students and has also been emailed to parents. This pack will also be available on Class Charts by the end of today.

Mr Bell will regularly update all parents of developments relating to Coronavirus. Parents and carers will be given 24 hours advance notice of when a return to school is expected.

9 03, 2020

SWR remains a GOOD School

OFSTED Inspection February 2020

As I am sure you are aware, OFSTED completed a Section 8 inspection at Sir William Romney’s School on 25th and 26th February 2020.  This inspection lasted two days with the focus on the quality of education that students receive both inside and outside the classroom. The final report can be read by clicking the link below.

I am delighted to inform you that OFSTED have confirmed that Sir William Romney’s remains a good school and the all safeguarding procedures are effective at all levels.  I have attached the full report for you to read at your own leisure.  As Headteacher, I am incredibly proud that OFSTED have rightly recognised our strong community ethos, clear moral purpose, curriculum planning and that students develop a love of learning at Sir William Romney’s School.  This would not be possible without a committed and talented team of teachers, support and operational staff across the entire school

I would like to thank all of our students and families for their incredible support during the last four years since our last inspection.  I genuinely believe that Sir William Romney’s is a community to which we all belong and contribute to for the benefit of the all the students and families that we serve.

As we move towards the next chapter of Sir William Romney’s story with great confidence and pride, I can assure you that governors and leaders will continue to do what is right for our students and the areas for improvement raised by OFSTED will be a high priority.

Kind Regards,

Jon Bell (Headteacher)