This page will provide all parents, carers and students with up-to-date documents relating to our response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Home Test Results Forms.

  • Year 7 Home Test Results Form
  • Year 8 Home Test Results Form
  • Year 9 Home Test Results Form
  • Year 10 Home Test Results Form
  • Year 11 Home Test Results Form
  • Staff Home Test Results Form
  • Covid Privacy Notice
  • Risk Assessments

    We regularly review our risk assessments to reflect the changing requirements in schools to protect students and staff during the pandemic. Our risk assessments can be viewed below:

    Covid-19 Risk Assessment (September 1st 2021)

    Covid-19 Risk Assessment Review (January 18th 2022)

    Remote Learning

    Information and guidance relating to our remote learning offer during the periods of restricted absence for schools can be accessed here:

    SWR Remote Learning Guide (all students) -January 2022

    Parent Information – Remote Engagement with Lessons (guide lines)

    Additional Documentation

    Additional documentation and policies relating to our procedures and policies during Covid-19 can be found here:

    SWR Behaviour Addendum – September 2021

    SWR Outbreak Management Plan September 2021

    SWR Contingency Plan January 2022

    Athelstan Trust – Child Protection & Safeguarding Arrangements in Response to C-19