Key Stage 3 Computing

We aim to empower children with the digital creative skills that will be required to close the ever widening gap between ‘users’ and ‘creators’ that is becoming more and more obvious in the IT industry today, with a worldwide shortage of skilled programmers. It’s no longer enough to be able to use a computer; we want the computer users of tomorrow to be the creators of their own information-rich digital media. Computing is delivered in innovative and engaging ways and students’ progress is monitored on a regular basis. All students have access to their target level and current level, along with detailed feedback. Students are given the chance to make improvements to their work, which in turn, increases their progress.

Please see detailed information for each year group below.

Computing – KS3 Curriculum Diagram

Key Stage 4 – GCSE Computer Science

Computer Science explores computing in an in-depth level looking at how computers are made and they way they work. Students study a range of topics from computational thinking, coding and computer hardware.

Please see detailed information about the GCSE Computer Science qualification below.

GCSE Computer Sceince – KS4 Curriculum Diagram

Key Stage 4 – Certificate in Digital Applications

Digital Applications is a course aimed at students who would like a qualification in IT but do not want to student computer science. This qualification is very practical and allows the students to be creative through developing websites, animations, logos, movies and interactive posters. The examination is also a practical exam where students have to build we website for a given brief.

Please see detailed information about the Certificate in Digital Applications qualification below.

GCSE Digital Technologies – KS4 Curriculum Diagram