Head of PD: Lesley Duran (l.duran@swr.gloucs.sch.uk )

Our intent:

  • Personal, social, health and economic education is an important and necessary part of our student’s curriculum. We focus on developing pupils’ wider personal development, offering opportunities for them to grow as active, healthy, and engaged citizens.
  • Our aim is to promote equal opportunity, self-esteem, and emotional well-being. We want to help our students form and maintain effective relationships and to make informed choices that lead them on to become responsible citizens.
  • As our world is constantly changing, we continually update our programme to cover current issues to meet the needs of our young people. For example, cyber bullying and preparing for college and careers. Our curriculum is evolving and influenced by regular student feedback.
  • Personal development promotes British values and spiritual, moral, and cultural development through debates and discussions. Within a safe environment our students can challenge controversial subjects, such as diversity and prejudice. Students are encouraged to develop skills that enable them to stand up to peer pressure and make informed decisions for a healthy and happy life.


External speakers include;

Year 7

Police Constable talks on bullying, substance abuse, internet safety

Year 8

Police Constable talks on sexting and exploitation

British Red Cross First Aid

Years 8 & 9

Chelsea’s Story, county lines

Body image and mental health workshops

Year 10

Healthy Relationships workshop

The Big Picture

Students receive a one-hour lesson each fortnight. This programme is made up of several modules covering aspects of citizenship and Personal Social Health Education.


Year 7 will cover the transition from primary to secondary school and developing healthy relationships. Year 8 explore international issues and financial management. Year 9 aims to prepare students for KS4, as well as diversity and peer pressure.


Year 10 revisits drug and alcohol abuse, crime and punishment and sexual orientation. Year 11 covers the price of parenting, aspirations and how to compile a portfolio of work and creating a CV.  Finally, we introduce revision techniques in preparation for the exams.


Unit Y8
1 Looking after yourself
2 Looking after your community
3 Your rights as a human
4 Protecting your mental health
5 Relationships
6 Managing your finances
Unit Y9
1 Keeping yourself safe and healthy
 2 Career aspirations
3 Managing relationships
4 Understanding illicit substances
5 Sex education
6 Being an entrepreneur