Personal Development

An introduction to Personal Development

Students receive a one hour lesson each fortnight. This programme is made up of several modules covering aspects of citizenship and Personal Social Health Education (PSHE). The aim of citizenship and PSHE is to prepare all children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. It should:
* promote equal opportunity
* promote self-esteem
* promote emotional well-being
* help form and maintain effective relationships
* equip them to make informed choices
* help them become responsible citizens
* develop spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.

In order to meet the aims outlined above and to ensure that students get a rounded education the personal development programme covers a variety of different topics.

We live in a world that is changing at a rapid pace, our Personal Development programme aims to stay abreast of issues and needs of our young people and we are quick to respond. In doing so the Personal Development programme is revised and enriched constantly.

Year 7

Students will cover the transition from primary to secondary school, healthy lifestyles – including smoking, positive relationships and internet safety.

Year 8

Covers alcohol, international issues exploring the issues that face the world around us, financial management, drugs as well as fire safety.

Year 9

Covers sex education including contraception and peer pressure, reflect on them as a learner in preparation for KS4, the role of the UN and other international organisations as well as diversity.


Year 10: Revisits alcohol and looks at the dangers of sexting. Followed by current affairs (some will be invited to attend a Model UN debate), crime and punishment and our own identity considering sexual orientation and abuse.

Year 11: Covers the price of parenting and the importance of aspirations, followed by compiling a portfolio of work/application related documents such as a CV. Which is all brought to an end by looking at revision tools and techniques in preparation for the exams.