Head of Religious Education: Miss C Wilson (c.wilson@swr.gloucs.sch.uk)

Our intent:

To enrich the lives of our students by exploring religion and worldviews. We explore and discover what it means to be religious and how these views impact our lives. Students also get to explore philosophical ideas and grapple with unanswerable questions whilst learning about their place in our world.

The Big Picture

Students will leave SWR with extensive knowledge of a variety of religions and go into the world with open eyes. Students will get the opportunity to explore their place in the world and discover the importance of religious and worldviews in the world we inhabit.


Unit Y8
1 Philosophy – Can a big question ever be answered?
2 Jesus – How does holy week help us understand Jesus?
3 Islam – What does it mean to be Muslim?
4 Christianity – What does it mean to be Christian?
5 Buddhism – What does it mean to be Buddhist?
6 Langar – How does Langar in Sikhism reflect equality?
Unit Y9
1 Islam in Britain – What are the challenges of being a Muslim in Britain today?
2 Sikhism – What does it mean to be Sikh?
3 Ethics – How far does it make a difference if you believe in life after death?
4 Religion in the News – How is religion expressed in the news?
5 Religion, peace and conflict – What is war and peace and how do religions respond?
6 Happiness – Is happiness the ultimate goal in life?