Welcome to our dedicated Social Spaces Project page!

Our Social Spaces Project was launched in July 2018 and is an exciting opportunity for our SWR community to come together to develop a number of social spaces for the benefit of all students across the school.

It collaboration with members of our governing body and leaders from the National Composites Centre in Bristol, students and teachers have identified two distinct areas to modernise and improve across the school.

Outside Communal Areas

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn

At Sir William Romney’s School, we currently have some large grounds in school and a little hidden jewel that is the horticultural classroom, which is helping nurture and develop some of our KS4 student’s curriculum. The rationale of getting involved with the Social Spaces project and specifically with the external area has been to spread the benefits of green living to all of our students. In order to achieve this, we have focused on 4 key external areas, which, we hope, will help care for our students’ well-being and our impact on the environment.

  1. A green pathway that will link the main school to the horticultural classroom and aim to have a direct positive impact on the environment through a careful choice of plants, trees and accessories to help wildlife.
  2. The creation of a calm, peaceful and sensory enclosed garden that will be achieved by transforming the existing quad space behind our library.
  3. A convivial ‘al fresco’ space to eat that will be directly linked to our planned and redesigned café.
  4. A modern ‘shade sail’ to keep our children safe from the elements – whether it be heavy rain or strong sun – and where they could once again enjoy the green outside spaces the school offers them.

More details about our ambitious plans for outside communal areas can be found here:

A Garden For All

Refurbished Cafe

At Sir William Romney’s School, we firmly believe that lunchtime and communal dining in a modern and inviting space is vital to students’ wellbeing. Students are indeed passionate about their dining space and ensuring that it is healthy and environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, our new café should also be modern and provide students with a mature café environment that will encourage students to take healthy eating options throughout the school day. In order to achieve this, we have focused on 4 key aspects which, we hope, will achieve these aims for our students.

  1. A spacious and naturally lit space that looks and feels like modern coffee shops and lounges. This potentially involves some physical alterations to the actual building itself.
  2. A convivial ‘al fresco’ dining space that directly links to our planned outside spaces and provide students with an external ‘grab and go’ option.
  3. To provide a variety of flexible and upcycled seating options and art installations that reflect our creative and imaginative whole school ethos.
  4. To embed a whole school approach towards offering local, sustainably produced food and reduce the use of plastic across the entire school. Our students are indeed determined that the new café should actively encourage recycling and incorporate produce from our own horticultural classroom.

More details about our exciting plans for our refurbished cafe can be found here:


Both projects are entirely dependent upon our entire community working together to fund raise and offer support.

If you would like to know more about Social Spaces please contact on the email below:


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