Mrs K Anderson Second in Mathematics
Mr D Barker Leader of Learning Science & PE
Mrs A Barley Teacher of Mathematics
Mr C Barton Assistant Site Manager
Mr T Bell Site Manager
Mr F Blackwood Leader of Learning Mathematics, ICT & Business
Mrs L Blake Assistant Headteacher / Curriculum Coordinator
Mrs L Britton Finance Manager
Mrs S Brown BTEC Coordinator / Teacher of Childcare & Business Studies
Mrs M Claxton Second in English
Mrs K Cropley Curriculum Coordinator DT
Mrs S Davey-Hicks Teacher of Science
Mr C R Davies Inclusion Support Worker
Mr C Davies Leader of Learning Creatives
Mr P Dillon Associate Assistant Headteacher / Head of Year 7 / Curriculum Coordinator Music
Miss A Doyle Teacher of Geography & History
Mr M Duke Curriculum Coordinator ICT
Miss L Duran Teacher of Science / Curriculum Coordinator PD
Mr B Earnshaw ICT Support
Dr J Emerson Teacher of Science
Mrs C Eveleigh Second in English
Mr J Fairclough Leader of Learning Humanities
Mr J Farr Teacher of Boys PE
Miss M Freegard Catering Assistant
Miss M Gatley Safeguarding & Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs L Geraci Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Gill Teacher of English
Mrs J Green Personnel Manager / Head’s PA
Mr L Gwinnett Housekeeper
Miss P Gwinnett Housekeeper / Catering Assistant
Mrs S Hamilton Head Housekeeper
Miss H Hammond Senior Science Technician
Miss J Heath Teaching Assistant
Miss S Hickinbotham SENCO
Miss K Hopson Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Hughes Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Jarman Housekeeper
Mrs R Jheeta Teacher of History
Mrs J Jones Teacher of Geography
Miss S Jones Main Office / First Aid
Mrs C Kinsey Teacher of Mathematics
Miss V Lewis Teacher of DT & Art
Mrs T Ludlow Main Office / First Aid
Mrs C Luo Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs T Lynham Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R Magill SEND Administration Manager / Teaching Assistant
Mr D Mills Head of Years 10 & 11 / Curriculum Coordinator PE
Mrs V Morgan Teacher of English
Mr A Morrison Site Assistant
Miss S Nicholls Curriculum Coordinator MFL
Mrs G Normington Finance Assistant
Mrs V Oakley Curriculum Coordinator PE / Teacher of Girls PE
Mrs A Platts Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Pounds Senior School Welfare Officer
Ms J Powell Leader of Learning Communications
Mrs S Pulley Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr N Radcliffe Second in Science
Mr M Radford Teacher of MFL
Mrs K Rexworthy School Welfare Officer
Mrs L Robinson Finance Assistant
Mrs J Rymer Examinations Officer / Assessment Data Manager
Mrs S Seager Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Sharp Teacher of Girls’ PE / SSCO
Mr R Skipp Acting Headteacher
Mr D Skirrow Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E St John-Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Staples Teaching Assistant
Mr G Sweet Academic Mentor
Mrs A Thompson Catering Manager
Miss J Townsend Main Office
Mrs K Townsend Main Office / First Aid
Mrs S Trinder Housekeeper
Miss M Trowell Librarian / Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Wagner Curriculum Coordinator Geography
Mrs K Williams Teacher of Drama
Miss C Wilson Head of Years 8 & 9 / Curriculum Coordinator RE
Mrs M Winbow DT and Art Technician / Science Technician
Mrs R Wright Inclusion Support Worker
Miss K Wyndow Assistant SENCO / Teacher of Music