SWR will be a beacon of excellence admired in Gloucestershire and beyond  


Striving for Excellence Together  


What does Striving for Excellence Together mean? 


To move purposefully towards aspirational goals, dare to dream and to keep on going when setbacks to this journey occur.  



To have a happy and purposeful culture where every individual feels a sense of belonging because they feel safe, are proud to be a member of the school and are valued for the contribution they make towards its success.  


To take risks and have a thirst to improve so we all embrace opportunities to grow our character developing the lifelong habits of leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication.  


To aspire and achieve the capital of exceptional outcomes both academically and in character development that is greater than we ever thought possible and is needed for future opportunities and happiness in later life.  


Greater success, innovation and satisfaction will be achieved when all our stakeholders including students, staff, parents, Governors and the local community work positively together. We all celebrate and embrace our differences and recognise that kindness can propel us forward, both as individuals and as a community.