Key Stage 3 History

During KS3 students develop their knowledge and understanding of British history and of a wider world history.

Skills that are developed include chronology, use of historical terms, enquiry, use of sources, comparison, interpretations and change and continuity.

Please see detailed information for each year group below.

KS3 Curriculum Diagram History

Key Stage 4 – GCSE History

The GCSE course followed is the OCR Exam Board.  Students follow the following units:

  1. People’s Health (1250 to the Twentieth Century)
  2. Elizabethans (1580-1603)
  3. Making of America (1789-1900)
  4. Living Under Nazi Rule (1933-1945)
  5. Chavengae House (Local Study)

Please see detailed information about the GCSE History qualification below.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information History

KS4 Curriculum Diagram History