Situated in the Cotswold in the small town of Tetbury, Sir William Romney’s School serves a wide community in the South Cotswolds and Stroud areas. The school is a small 11-16 Academy which provides a safe and caring environment that ensures that our students are able to flourish, achieve their potential and be the best that they can be.

The school is proudly comprehensive and provides a secure and supportive learning environment. Our size and very small class sizes, which average 22 students at Key Stage 3 and below 20 in Key Stage 4 means that every student is known and understood by a committed and caring staff. We appreciate that every child is unique and the small and inclusive nature of the school allows us to develop each child’s individual aptitudes and abilities by developing self-esteem, building confidence and offering every opportunity to reach their potential. It is our small size and our in depth knowledge and understanding of each student that ensures that students at the school make such good progress.

Students at Sir William Romney’s School in Tetbury make among the best progress in the county. The value added score in the school performance tables is in line with, and in most cases significantly higher than, neighbouring schools. Therefore the GCSE outcomes for Year 11 students are significantly above the national average with regards to the progress that students make from entry to the school in Year 7. The performance of the school in this measure, which is the most reliable indicator of the progress that students make across all of their GCSE subjects, places it in the top five comprehensives in the county and also compares very favourably with local selective schools.

The small size of the school does not detract from the wide range of enrichment opportunities available. We also offer opportunities for students to participate in a full range of sporting activities, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and a wide range of overseas and local trips. Sir William Romney’s competes with the local schools across a wide range of sports, enjoying success and very high participation levels from students. These experiences are often amongst the most memorable for students and are a valued part of school life at Sir William Romney’s.

The school places respect at the heart of all that it does. Students are expected to show respect and tolerance of others, to work hard and to value the opportunities they are given. The school is a welcoming, vibrant and friendly school which also seeks to achieve excellence in all areas.